50 Things I’ve Learned in my Half Century of Life

Half a Century!  Well, when you put it that way it seems SOOOOOOO, ummm, O*L*D.

Ahhh, but some time ago I refused to use 2 words simultaneously — “OLD” and “AGE”, so let’s re-phrase, shall we?

How about this:  Half a Century = 50 years YOUNG = Seasoned = Wise = Experienced = Slightly Tired = Occasionally Rickety = Finally Uninterested in what others think about me = Intolerant of Bullsh*t = Fabulously Free to BE!

So here goes … and these are in no particular order – simply free-flowing thought …

I’ve learned that –
1. The sun on my skin rejuvenates me and fills me with happiness.
2. Add warm air to that sun and there’s no holding back the full-face smiles.
3. Life cannot be scripted with expectations of how things “should” go.
4. Writing is my ultimate form of expression.
5. Attention and flattery come cheap, and I’m “with it” enough to see through it.
6. Anyone can say they are my friend.  Only a few truly are.
7. The ocean, in all its beauty, mystery and awe is where I am most “home”.
8. True devotion costs a lot.
9. Passion cannot be learned or forced.  It is innate.
10. People CAN change.  It’s just a matter of whether they really, truly want to.
11. Healthy FEAR keeps me from danger.  Unhealthy FEAR keeps me from living.
12. Music, especially lyrics, connects with me on a very deep level.  Know my music.  Know me.
13. Exercise channels all the toxins, the pent up frustrations, anger, the confusion, the pain and allows a very specific release.  I always, always, always feel better afterwards.
14. I don’t NEED to walk to the beat of anyone’s drum but my own.
15. Aging is a privilege.  The alternative is  … well, 6 feet below ground.
16. There’s no perfect parent, much less me.  But somehow my 3 grown children have become decent human beings and an asset to society.  Maybe I should pat myself on the back a little.
17. Life NEVER turns out how you thought (Note #3 on this list).
18. Forgiveness is less about the other person’s wellbeing and more about my own.
19. Showing mercy, grace and compassion is my ultimate kindness to those around me.
20. I can try to be all things to all people … until I can’t.
21. Giving my ALL to being disciplined is hard, hard work and requires learning how to say NO to myself and to others on the daily.
22. Having an identity outside of “house and home” is vital.
23. People don’t always have to agree with or understand the things that make me tick.  And I shouldn’t shine any dimmer just because they don’t “get me”.
24. To learn how to make sacrifices is the key to discipline.
25. I find freedom in a schedule because I know what to expect and when to expect it.  I know when I have to be ON and when I can turn OFF for a spell.
26. Rest and recovery are imperative for longevity.
27. I get thirsty when I drink more water, not the other way around.
28. Life goes on, especially for others … no matter what I may be going through.
29. Quitting on myself is absolutely, positively NOT an option.
30. No matter what, someone is always watching and therefore my actions or non-actions are always an example to someone.
31. There are some things that only my girlfriends know about me – and they usually come with dark chocolate when it’s time to talk.
32. It’s ok to be a total badass in the gym and turn around and demonstrate feminine finesse on the dance floor.
33. Short hair doesn’t mean “un-feminine”.  And what an antiquated, small-minded view.  The definition of “un-feminine” is male body parts and I don’t have those, so …
34. So many people have opinions of things or places or situations they’ve never experienced.  I need not worry what they think.
35. My business is about the relationships I build with every person with whom I come in contact.  Once my business starts to move away from that and becomes something else, I may as well close my doors.
36. I don’t know everything.  Nor do I pretend to.  But I’ll research to find an answer!
37. Difficulty in life is no respecter of persons, even if you dot your “i’s” and cross your “t’s”.
38. People make time for the people and the things they truly want to.
39. My excuses do not give me a pass to quit.
40. Get to really know someone before formulating a wrong opinion of them.
41. Being ethical in my business, even to my own demise, is a top priority.
42. Change doesn’t always have to be scary and embracing it may make the passage easier to navigate.
43. What they say is true, not you, me or anyone can out-exercise poor eating/drinking habits.
44. Whimsy, fun, laughter should ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS be a part of life.
45. And if they make you laugh, like split your sides, tears down your face laugh — they are worth keeping.
46. Hiding behind being busy doesn’t make whatever I’m hiding go away.
47. Show up.  Every day.
48. It does me no favors to play small, to dim my light, or not stand firm for what I believe.
49. My faith in the God who loves me is integral to who I am now or ever hope to be.
50. No matter what, I’ve learned to GET BACK UP, to keep fighting, striving.  Knock me down — I won’t stay down by choice.  If I can’t get up right away, in my mind I’m standing tall nonetheless.

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