[ . . .  That was Alexis's goal (pun intended) when she signed up for the Fit Photage™ Regional Ignite Program back in the Fall of 2018.

You see, Alexis loves, loves, LOVES soccer. It has been part of her life since she was very young. She played on her Evergreen high school team, played League, and is now part of the coaching staff for Evergreen High School, specializing in Keeper training. Unfortunately Alexis suffered from some intense injuries which took her out of the game completely.

She also endured some tough "life situations" that, when coupled with her physical injuries, took her to bleak places in her head. Alexis felt lost and struggled with disappointment and discouragement on so many levels. Someone recommended me and my training services, and Alexis and I connected from the get go.

When she learned about Fit Photage™, and learned that it was primarily a strength training program, that it was regimented and that it included a disciplined nutrition protocol - Alexis was ALL IN.

Perhaps this was just what she needed not only to rehab physically but also emotionally. Alexis is a HARD WORKER! She owns and physically runs a restaurant and has only 1 day off each week. We met on that day and also another day at 5 AM before work. Her physical rehab required more than 12 weeks, so Alexis -- with her goal in mind -- signed up to do the Ignite program again in the Spring of 2019.

And just look at what she accomplished! She can run again. She can actually take part in the game she loves -- powerful kicking, dynamic footwork, cutting laterally, plyometric vertical jumps and more! AND BONUS: Alexis fit into her favorite pair of jeans again! Love that smile on your face, Alexis!

What a pleasure working with you and watching you soar!

Trainer: Michele Sodon, Creator of Fit Photage™ programming  |  Photographer: Tony Clapp of Tony Clapp Photography and Tony Rocco Photography

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