[ . . . Amanda joined the gym after "hiding" from the world, as she put it.

She said that she found herself heading to 40 with no friends, kids whose worlds' didn't include her much anymore, life in a rut, confidence trashed along with zero trust in herself to get up and do something better.

She decided to join the gym "quietly" for a few weeks to work off some of the weight she'd gained and try to patch the holes in her life.

She was out of excuses and was at her wit's end.

She needed a goal. She needed the pressure of commitment -- needed a lifeline.

She believes God led her to the right place, the right trainer, all at the right time.

Her life changed DRAMATICALLY over the 6 months of the Train with the Trainer Program.

She gained her confidence, discipline and strength -- not only physically but also mentally...spiritually.  She lost 12 pounds of body fat, gained muscle mass and decreased her waist by 4 inches!  But more importantly, she gained a whole new mindset.

Amanda is giving herself 1 full year and is continuing her journey. She knows, now, that she can do ALL the HARD THINGS because she developed a Courage she thought never existed.

Here's to the next 6 months, Amanda! I cannot wait to join forces with you again and take LIFE on with a vengeance! Nothing's gonna stop you now!

Trainer: Michele Sodon, Creator of Fit Photage™ programming   |   Photographer: Tony Clapp of Tony Clapp Photography and Tony Rocco Photography

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