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Amanda started working with me in 2022. She travels a lot for work and really wanted accountability for exercise, a trainer who would push her and quite frankly, the ability to have someone else do all the brain work for her since her job demands a lot.

When Amanda 1st met with me, her doctor informed her she was borderline diabetic. That prognosis along with hormonal imbalances had set her up for needing to take action. She knew something had to be done --- sooner than later.

Amanda joined the TWT group, and though her work schedule forced her to exercise at a different time of day than with me, she still had all the tools she needed to do the work. One of the other TWT members came alongside her as a workout partner.

Amanda had to go on a specific nutrition plan to address her A1C levels. She used TWT to ensure she did not lose muscle mass during her weight loss journey. She understood how imperative it was to PRESERVE MUSCLE in order to stabilize metabolism and hormone levels.

She lost 40 pounds and inches galore! Her energy increased. She was less sluggish and for the 1st time in a long time she strutted her stuff in a sports bra and leggings -- for PHOTOS!!

Amanda -- I love our connection through this process. We are sisters from another mister. I'm so glad I've gotten to know you and am so frikken PROUD of your accomplishments!

Trainer: Michele Sodon, Creator of Fit Photage™ programming  |  Photographer: Tony Clapp of Tony Clapp Photography and Tony Rocco Photography

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