[ . . . I first met Amy several years ago while working as the Fitness Department Coordinator at a local Rec center.

I hired Amy as an instructor, loving her spirit and her desire to inspire other women to tap into their athletic bodies and be STRONG. She and I had an immediate connection especially when focused on our mutual desire to help women appreciate female strength.

Amy moved away not long after we met. With a very busy life as a sports mom, a husband whose job takes him away quite often, time dedicated to her own job,

Amy decided to join the Fall 2018 Fit Photage™ IGNITE Program to help bring back her focus and drive. She wanted that push again ... a deadline ... a goal. Somewhere along the line she felt she had gotten caught up in the busy-ness of life and had lost that piece of herself.

Though very strong (Amy once ventured into power lifting) and an example to others, Amy struggled with her weight and body image. She wasn't interested in a yo-yo diet plan that didn't include exercise or a plan that focused on the scale. She didn't want a plan that felt like she had to be like a hamster in a cardio wheel ... cardio, cardio, cardio.

Nor did she want to venture back down the power lifting road. She continued to see success stories about Fit Photage™ and thought maybe this was the program of choice.

After discussing her goals, Amy and I decided that Fit Photage™ would be the BEGINNING of her journey. 12 weeks would kickstart her body. We wanted to see long term results that would go beyond the initial 12 weeks. But the deadline for her photo shoot would remain as that dangling carrot.

And the RESULTS SO FAR???? She lost 13 pounds, 9 inches overall, and approximately 8-10 percentage points in body fat. SHAZAM!!! What a great start to her journey. Now .... to continue!

Trainer: Michele Sodon, Creator of Fit Photage™ programing and Owner of LivFit Strength & Conditioning. Photographer: Victor Fossen of Clickpicvic.

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