Angela contacted me after seeing Fit Photage photos of Britta - one of our mutual friends. She was "Wow"ed by those photos and wanted to take part in whatever program could yield RESULTS.

Angela had known of me back when I taught Kettlebell classes at our local rec center. She had an idea of my fitness passion and wanted in on the "party".

By her own admittance, Angela was a yo-yo dieter. She would go in and out of accomplishing goals but those goals weren't very lasting. She wanted something that would WORK and have staying power. I encouraged her to start exercising with a group of ladies who pushed their limits but also helped motivate others who were starting at a different level. And then we would talk about Fit Photage.

Having never been much of a weight lifter, Angela wanted to see what a difference focusing on strength training would make. Could this be the answer? She joined the group. It was HARD! She left the studio destroyed but in a good way. Changes began to occur -- She was hooked!

After 4 months of group training, Angela bit the bullet and joined FIT PHOTAGE. We hit the ground running! She learned how to fuel her body for weightlifting and increase her metabolism. She learned the importance of water intake and macronutrients. She began to believe she could LIFT MORE and she pushed herself. Her body began to change dramatically.

Then COVID hit.

But Angela is no quitter. She pushed for ANOTHER 12 WEEKS and encouraged the others in the group to join her AND to not give up on going to VEGAS for the photoshoot.

At the end of 6 months of Fit Photage plus the additional 4 months of group strength training prior, Angela is a brand new person!

She is down 32+ pounds and 4 dress sizes! Her cholesterol dropped by 41 points and her borderline high blood pressure is now in the normal range. Angela's energy and mindset are dramatically improved and she is able to do all her favorite things (snowboarding, paddleboarding, hiking etc) with much more ease and strength.

Angela is on a locomotive train that is destined for MORE! She is going to continue her journey and plans to do another Fit Photage program to see just how far she can go!

I admire your grit, Ange. I love how you take on life -- how you commit with all your heart and soul -- we're "MOVIN' ON UP", girlfriend. The sky's the limit and I am so excited to be able to fly along side you every step of the way.

Trainer: Michele Sodon, Owner of and Creator of Fit Photage programs

Photographer: Tony Clapp

HMUA: Jonathan Nelson of Desired Couture in Las Vegas

Venues: Nelson's Ghost Town in Nelson, NV and the Dry Lake Beds in Jean, NV

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