[ . . . Annie joined "Fit Photage™ Nation" for the Fall 2018 IGNITE Remote Program.

Her friend Amy announced that she was participating in a 12 week program and Annie decided to jump on board alongside Amy. They both live in Creede, CO and were excited to do this together!

Annie is a very active, athletic person and dives into things with both feet. She has a strong internal drive and motivation.

Owning a business and having demands on her time and energy, Annie has learned how to manage her busy, tight schedule. She is a self starter and understands how important exercise and nutrition are to leading a hectic yet efficient and flourishing lifestyle.

Annie had not been part of a program that focused on strength training, specific cardio regimens and an eating regimen that supports a metabolism increase. She was intrigued and willing to give it a whirl.

She learned how little water she actually consumes in a day and thought she may drown trying to get in a gallon. She learned to love rice cakes as a delicious snack and realized she could lift some heavy weights!

She and Amy encouraged and motivated each other the entire 12 weeks and though not perfect (no one expects perfection, just progress!), they finished their 12 weeks with flying colors!!

Annie dropped 11 pounds and saw her body lean mass/body fat mass ratio increase by approximately 5%. Woo Hoo!!

Our photo shoot was on the books before we realized what the weather would bring. After deliberation, realizing the forecast called for cold temps and SNOW, Annie (and Amy) decided to brave it ... making it even more a grand finale! And what a finale it was. These photos are the BOMB! Well done, Annie! I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with you and call you friend!

Trainer Credit: Michele Sodon, Creator of Fit Photage™ and Owner of LivFit Strength & Conditioning Photo Credit: Victor Fossen of Clickpicvic

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