My Approach

Toward Fitness Training

When you train with me...

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When you train with me -- whether private, group or online --  you'll receive my hands-on personal approach. 

The specific exercises and nutrition plans I create will be individualized -- just for YOU.

With my approach toward advanced fitness and positive lifestyle there are two crucial elements.

  • Education
  • Accountability

These elements are crucial to our journey together. 

They will help to empower your "mindset" and the ultimate achievement of your specific goals. 

Here's why...

Knowledge is Power

My goal as a trainer, coach and motivator is to empower you... starting with education.

My exclusive 12-module course on basic physiology explains how your body functions -- especially as it relates to physical activity and proper nutrition. 

This course will literally "onboard" you with your own body. 

Hence the name:  Onboard 101 --


The second part is all about holding yourself accountable -- and having the "tools" to do it, in real time.

Numerous studies have shown that "writing it down" directly after an activity allows the brain to connect the activity to what the body is actually feeling.  It's often referred to as a "mind-body" connection.

My Daily Transformation Journal was created specifically for this purpose.  You'll find this to be an incredibly helpful tool throughout our journey together. 

Truth and Freedom

As your trainer and coach, I will never hide information from you.  It's never my intent to build reliance on me.  Instead, my hope is to educate you and give you your "wings" so you can fly on your own!

Together we'll identify the specific elements that will help you create a healthy, fit, strong lifestyle  -- and exactly what it takes to get you there.

Close attention is focused on technique and form.

The goal is to train your body to instinctively know what to do and how to do it efficiently and safely.

Strength and Training

My approach focuses mainly on strength training techniques.  But, it also includes cardiovascular drills and exercises when needed.

Ultimately you want to create a healthy, efficiently burning metabolism and it's my  philosophy that increased metabolism is best accomplished through strength training.

Together we'll explore various methods of strength training to fit your body mechanics and achieve the goal of a metabolically burning body.

Conditioning Protocol

In addition to strength training, your training sessions may include additional sports specific training such as:

  • boxing conditioning
  • core conditioning
  • performance-based training
  • triathlon training 

There's no end to the knowledge, skill and progress you can gain through my Private Sessions.


Michele Sodon Fitness Components


Daily Journal

The Daily Journal allows for complete accountability of your program as you track both activities and nutrition.  This is an absolute "must have" for professional athletes and serious fitness enthusiasts seeking to improve their performance.


Custom Nutrition

Receive a binder filled with clean eating breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner options and a food journal.  Each meal includes a protein, carbohydrate and fat source, making the meals complete in their macro nutrients.


Body Metrics

Tape measurements, body fat measurements with calipers and scale weight.  Your body fat percentage and target weight are calculated and compared to the national average for your gender in your age bracket, every 6 weeks!


Nutritional Supplements

Yes, I offer my own line of proprietary nutritional supplements.  These are super-premium formulations specifically designed for athlete, serious fitness enthusiasts and anyone interested in optimal nutrition applied toward physical recovery.


Onboard 101

Onboard 101 is a 12-module educational curriculum you can complete online at your own pace -- at your convenience.  The course topics cover basic human physiology as it applies to proper nutrition and productive exercise. 


Join & Stay Up-To-Date

Join my special fitness group and you'll receive extra bonus tips, recipes, gear reviews and other great info!

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