This lady never ceases to amaze me! I met Beth years ago while living in Tampa, FL and working at various fitness facilities.

She was then and still is now a bit of a gym rat -- and we run on the same wavelength when it comes to exercising consistently -- staying the course -- keep on keeping on!

This is a big year for Beth. You see, it's her birthday year ... a bit of a monumental year and she wanted to GO BIG OR GO HOME. 60 never ever looked better on ANYBODY!

In January Beth decided to join the Fit Photage IGNITE ranks as a Remote participant from Florida. She actively participated in our Fit Photage group messaging system and kept in close contact not only with me but also with the other Fit Photage participants.

Having trained with me when I lived in Tampa, Beth was familiar with my style of training but learned A WHOLE LOT MORE. She loved having the program laid out for her, knowing what she was supposed to do every day of the week -- which body part to focus on, what kind of cardio to include, how to eat to support the exercise demands and to also reveal her results.

Weeks 10 and 11 rolled around, our Destination photo shoot was planned --

And just like that -- COVID HIT.

So Beth signed up to extend her program ANOTHER 12 WEEKS. She fell in place with the others and completed the Fit Photage AMP'D program, training from home with the group and me through ZOOM.

She never missed a beat.

Well Beth ... HAPPY FRIKKEN BIRTHDAY to you! You are the epitome of the NEVER QUIT mentality. I admire you your workout ethic. Keep doing what you're doing, my friend because IT WORKS and IT SHOWS!

Trainer: Michele Sodon, Owner of and Creator of Fit Photage programs

Photographer: Tony Clapp

HMUA: Jonathan Nelson of Desired Couture in Las Vegas

Venues: Nelson's Ghost Town in Nelson, NV and the Dry Lake Beds in Jean, NV

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