Brenda came to me upon referral from another Fit Photage participant. She poured over my website, researching about the various programs and then, after a few Zoom consultations she took a leap of faith on the IGNITE program.

By nature, Brenda is a runner. She has participated in half and full marathons, has run for pleasure and also for fundraising events for worthy causes. Brenda had not spent much time lifting weights and really wanted to put herself to the test with something new. She also realized that with each passing year (she is an amazingly beautiful 57 years young), weight bearing exercises become more and more important to overall fitness longevity, bone density and a thriving metabolism.

We worked around a few pre-existing issues with inflammation in her shoulders, hands and knees but Brenda pushed through. She never stopped. We came up with alternative movements for some exercises and POWERED ON!

She learned A LOT about lifting and also about ways to switch up her cardio. Before we knew it the 12 weeks were over! Brenda came through it with flying colors and is ready to take on MORE!

  • Trainer: Michele Sodon
  • Photographer: Tony Clapp
  • HMUA: Jonathan Nelson and Shanon Elizabeth of Desired Couture, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Photo Shoot Venue: Ocean Beach, San Diego, California

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