[ . . .  Brian has been working hard to NOT become that middle aged man who loses muscle mass by the minute.

In 2022 Brian participated in my RIPT program as a remote client-- He chose the 6 month route because he understood the need for consistency over the long haul. He made progress but wanted MORE!

In 2023 Brian decided to participate in the 6-month Train with the Trainer program -- still as a Remote client.

Here's a little snippet of what he had to say about his experience ...

"It was great to be part of this group and see everyone's transformations. This was my 2nd time through with Michele, and I can see the improvement from when I was age 54 to now 56.

For the first time, people around me are taking notice. I got dozens of remarks on how fit I look this year at the annual Allied Pilots Association Gala -- mostly from people who see me only once or twice per year. They wanted to know what I had been doing to be in such great condition.

Thanks for all you did and continue to do for my in my physical fitness. It helps me emotionally, and spiritually too! Hoping I can continually get better as I move into my 60's!"

Brian -- your work TOTALLY SHOWS. Let's Keep on Keeping On!

Trainer: Michele Sodon, Creator of Fit Photage™ programming  |  Photographer: Tony Clapp of Tony Clapp Photography and Tony Rocco Photography

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