Well ... Britta started out with 12 weeks of the Fit Photage XT program and then Covid came to town to throw a complete wrench in it all.

A couple weeks before the end of the XT program, we were shut down from being able to meet for our private sessions. But Britta, in addition to 5 others, rallied for ANOTHER 12 WEEKS. She joined the ranks of the brand new program, AMP'D and met with the group and me on Zoom for in-home sessions.

Britta is so incredibly strong. She has an amazing capacity for lifting weights and she has the body to prove it. She, as well as the others, was disappointed by the fact that life got in the way of some serious results she had in mind, but -- JUST LOOK AT HER!! I mean, specific results or not, Britta is living proof of what long term training and a "not gonna stop" mentality can do.

The good thing about all of this? Because Britta has been training (not just "working out" but actually TRAINING) for a while now, any kind of unplanned time off will not force a regression. Her muscles have been properly trained and fueled that they have staying power -- even if and when she is forced to pull back a little bit with her training regimen or switch it up.

I believe that the extension of 12 weeks may have been Britta's (and the group's) saving grace. Britta found herself, like many of you, having to home school her kids, try to rearrange her own work commitments, cook at minimum 3 square meals a day for all the family members who were now home all day long. The Mon-Fri 8:30am AMP'd training sessions was her "ME" time -- her appointment with herself that was non-negotiable.

It just doesn't get much better than this. Britta -- I love your spirit. Keep on keeping on, my friend. You've got places to go from here!

Trainer: Michele Sodon, Owner of and Creator of Fit Photage programs

Photographer: Tony Clapp

HMUA: Jonathan Nelson of Desired Couture in Las Vegas

Venues: Nelson's Ghost Town in Nelson, NV and the Dry Lake Beds in Jean, NV

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