[ . . .Yes. . . Britta bit the bullet ... after training with Michele in a group scenario for a little over a year.

She watched as others in her group dialed in and worked their way through their own Fit Photage programs and though she wanted to do the program, she was unsure her schedule would allow. She made up her mind after one of our group sessions that SHE COULD NOT WAIT ANY LONGER.

Life was ALWAYS going to be busy. Kids were ALWAYS going to have dynamic schedules. Work was ALWAYS going to be hectic. It became a DO OR DIE mentality.

Britta absolutely thrives on strength training. She loves to push some heavy weights and loves how she feels after an intense, muscle-demanding session.

Britta has a STRONG GIRL frame and put it to the test. Her workout group watched her body morph before their eyes. And even Britta, herself, was amazed at the transformation. Her body completely responded, not only to the weight training, but ESPECIALLY to the nutrition that supports an increased metabolism which became the spark that ignited her body's dramatic response.

Britta's goal? To embrace her athletic body and to reveal its power -- to highlight its natural strength not only in performance but in appearance. Britta loves the beauty of muscularity and wanted her body to be an outward demonstration of the strength of mind and will she has on the inside! I'd say ... MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, BRITTA! You dominated Fit Photage Ignite and now I wonder what Fit Photage XT could do for you?? Hmmm. 🙂

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