[ . . . As I approached my 60th birthday I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could adopt changes in my fitness and lifestyle that would prepare me for life AFTER 60.

I wanted to learn how to use the gym more effectively, and if possible, add lean mass. I have always been on the thin side and do a lot of endurance cardio (ski, bike, hike, etc.) Adding muscle mass would be a significant effort for me, but Michele (after warning me how difficult this really was) accepted the challenge.

My journey began having to learn about fueling my body. To add muscle mass, I would have to consume over 3000 Cals/day preferably 3500 with a specific ratio between the protein, carbohydrates and fats. My normal diet was on the order of 1800 Cals/day – so I had to almost DOUBLE my intake.

I told Michele she was trying to make me a fatty. Oh how wrong I was. The workouts in the gym were crushingly difficult. I was lifting 5 days per week - something I had not ever really done. The high intensity cardio was not what I was familiar with either and within weeks I had lost 8 pounds – hey that’s the wrong direction!!

The lifting program had amped up my metabolism (without any endurance cardio BTW), and I was not fueling enough. So extra meals and protein shakes became the norm.

Slowly I became familiar with the way to fuel the effort in the gym. My journey is not over, just begun actually; however, Michele and her program have convinced me that by lifting with purpose, and fueling the body, I can create lasting change in my physique.

I now know it will take years to add the type of mass I desire, but the good news is that it is very possible and only because of the efforts of an amazing trainer and this amazing program. Thank you, Michele.

Photographer: Tony Clapp and crew Jonathan Schauer, Scott G. Lee, Sonja Lark HMUA (for the females): Beauty Studio, Inc. Las Vegas (Jonathan Nelson & Corrine)

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