Ummm .... Look at this absolute BEAUTY! Cristy completed the Fall 2020 Fit Photage Ignite program with a huge smile on her face.

I've known Cristy for a long time -- since my days in Tampa, Florida. She now lives in Kentucky and I live in Colorado, though we are both Florida girls at heart! We had recently reconnected through social media and Cristy began participating in my morning workout classes on Zoom.

After a few months -- she wondered "WHAT IF?" WHAT IF she committed to something kinda scary? WHAT IF she climbed aboard the Fit Photage train and went ALL IN? WHAT IF she used this opportunity to grow, to learn, to achieve?


She took the plunge in Aug of 2020. She learned A LOT not only applicable to herself but also to her fitness business! She set up her home gym, learned how to implement the use of equipment she hadn't used in the past and picked up some valuable tools to put in her toolbox of tricks to help her own clients. Most of all --- she pushed herself beyond what she thought was her limit.

Cristy worked HARD! It is her nature to put in the time and energy to anything she sets her mind to. Despite some underlying hormonal issues that she is still addressing, Cristy continued to STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE.

And I just have to say .... LOOK AT THAT SMILE! She was very nervous and unsure about the photo shoot, but not once did she back down from her commitment to herself and her commitment to NEVER SETTLE for remaining in her comfort zone..

Cristy ... CHEERS to you my friend. You are such a strong, beautiful woman and an example to all your clientele of accomplishment, discipline and bravery!

  • Trainer: Michele Sodon
  • Photographer: Tony Clapp
  • HMUA: Jonathan Nelson and Shanon Elizabeth of Desired Couture, Las Vegas

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