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Athletic Muscle Performance

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Fit Photage™ AMP'D Program

AMP'D  - (ATHLETIC MUSCLE PERFORMANCE) - This is a unique and proprietary program.  It's the result of my years of experience working with thousands of different people - with different backgrounds, experiences and goals.   Yet, despite the differences, we all have something in common.  From homemakers to world class professional athletes I've learned that we ALL move our bodies in an "athletic manner."   For a complete description of AMP'D, download the brochure.

What Does This Mean..?

After years of observing, understanding and documenting movements and movement patterns, I designed this program to incorporate multiple training strategies. 

For example, it includes the sport of weightlifting coupled with today's most advanced athletic, functional training protocol. 

This specific combination of athletic methodologies and training will challenge your muscle endurance, increase your proprioception and provide a well rounded cross-training environment for any sport or athlete enthusiast.


Fit Photage™


Details and Materials

The Fit Photage™ AMP'D Program includes several value added services and materials, including:

Access to the MAP portal:

  • With your own passcode you will have access to YOUR portal on my MAP system (Meal and Activity Planner) where you will receive your personal, customized exercise focus and nutrition menu plans.  These plans are developed by me for YOU, based on your specific goals, what equipment you have access to and what you prefer to eat.  Exercise and nutrition protocols change periodically -- again -- based on your own personal progress.

Complete Support System:

  • You will be added to the Fit Photage Calendar which provides the specific daily exercise regimen and gives updates on upcoming events and payment schedules.  In addition, you will have the opportunity to join the Fit Photage group messaging system where I will answer your questions, provide you with motivational quips, send recipe ideas and exercise hacks.  I also send exercise video clips and many other things to help support you and the group on the journey.

Nutrition Plan:

  • Provided online on your MAP portal filled with "clean eating" breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner options.  Each meal includes a protein, carbohydrate and fat source, making the meals complete in their macro nutrients. 

Daily Journal:

  • My signature tracking journal will allow you to track your daily activities including all meals, snacks, exercise, schedules, measurements, recovery, etc.

Body Metrics & Weigh-ins:

  • Multi-point tape measurements, calipers and scale weight are used to gauge and evaluate body-composition (lean tissue vs. body-fat).  Upon assessment, minor adjustments can be made to your personalized exercise and nutrition plans.

Progress Photos:

  • Every 3-4 weeks progress photos will be taken.  This helps in tracking progress as well as getting used to the camera.

If you have any questions regarding payment or program details, please feel free to contact me directly.

Payment Options

Payment Plan Options:

  • Payments can be made online or in-person.  Options include "Paid-in-Full" or in monthly installments after a $300 non-refundable deposit. To make an online payment, Click here...

Family Discount:

  • Buy One -  Get One for 1/2 Price when you register and train during the same time slot with your spouse or a family member living within your household.

Repeat Program Programs:

  • If you decide to REPEAT any Fit Photage program (same or up-level), you'll automatically receive 10% off the total Fit Photage program price.

Extension Programs:

  • If you desire more than 12 weeks, all programs can be extended with minor revisions to level-up to your current conditioning.

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