Our Next "Destination" Photo Shoot


The Fit Photage Photo Shoot

One of our favorite photo shoot locations is in Las Vegas and the surrounding desert locations.  Last year's Destination Group included Jeannie, Ashley, Kim and Carl.  Check out the fun we had!  I hope YOU will join us this year!


Have you ever thought ... WHAT IF?

     WHAT IF ... I commit to something drastic?

     WHAT IF ... I see it through to the ultimate level?

     WHAT IF ... I do something so outside of my "ordinary"?

     WHAT IF ... I allow myself to REALLY celebrate an accomplishment?

Maybe it's time to throw a party!

We celebrate so many accomplishments made by others.  Think about it -

We go to award ceremonies for our children and applaud them for giving their ALL to their sport.  And we beam with pride that they followed through.

We attend dinner parties to highlight the team players at our jobs who have gone above and beyond their quotas for the year.

We pay good money to attend showcases of a "job well done" for our spouses, other family members, our friends and even friends of friends.

We cheer, salute, praise, and even go so far as to get a little crazy over the great accomplishments of others.

WHAT IF ... the PARTY ... were for YOU?

First and foremost, DECIDING to participate in Fit Photage means you have made a commitment to something impressive, grand, and yes ... difficult.

And seeing it through to the end of 12 weeks is quite a feat!

During those 12 weeks you will have -

  • made many sacrifices
  • learned a lot about your own grit
  • managed the madness of work plus house & home, sport schedules, holidays, and more
  • been a fine example of determination
  • been a true testament of overcoming a difficult task set before you

You will have accomplished something GRAND!

So why not allow yourself to be celebrated in a GRAND WAY?

If ever you wished to be "Queen for a day" or "Mr. Man on the cover of Macho Magazine"

     ..... even if you never say it out loud but secretly wish it .....



Then the DESTINATION photo shoot is THE PARTY for YOU!

  • The ULTIMATE follow through
  • The SHOWCASING of YOUR job well done
  • The PARTY of PARTIES where others can cheer, salute, praise and even get a little crazy over YOUR accomplishment

I can't wait for you to JOIN US!  I'll be there, right alongside you and I promise to be one of your BIGGEST FANS!

Bite the Bullet and Click HERE to SIGN UP NOW by paying your $50 Destination Sitting Fee!



The Destination Photo Shoot is an "ADD-ON" option to any 2021 Fit Photage Program 

(Fit Photage IGNITE, XTreme or Passage / Regional AND Remote Participants)




Where do we stay?

Hotel/Resort bookings provided by

  • Single Occupancy or Double Occupancy rooms available to sleep from 1-4 people
  • Room costs split by occupants
  • Hotels/Resorts will be booked based on agreeable cost and amenities as well as location to the photo shoot venue



  • Client is responsible for travel to/from the Destination hotel
  • Transportation will be booked by for travel to the photo shoot venue.  Cost for car rental will be divided among the group



  • Client is responsible for any associated cost for food, beverages, excursions, shows, etc



  • All fees payable HERE on or before dates listed
  • Destination Sitting Fee Security Deposit of $50
  • Hotel Cost, Hair/Make-Up Reservations and Photo Shoot Rental Car cost (TBD based on current market pricing) .



Photoshoots will occur over the course of 1 full day, possibly 2 depending on venue options and number of participants

Transportation vehicle to/from the photo shoot venues secured by Michele Sodon.  Cost to be split among participants.

Hair & Make Up booked by Michele Sodon upon request of participants (highly recommended!) Clients responsible for cost.

Destination Photo Shoot Fee:  This will secure your sitting fee with our professional photographer, Tony Clapp.


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