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Fit Photage™ RIPT Program


The Fit Photage™ RIPT  Program is designed for those who would like to experience the grit and the grind of a fitness competitor without having to get on stage in front of a panel of judges... unless, of course, YOU DO!

Is that person YOU..?

Do YOU want to train like I TRAIN?

When you see photos of fitness and body building competitors, do you secretly wish that were YOU?

Do you KNOW FOR CERTAIN that you have MORE inside of you in terms of your commitment and discipline than you are currently giving?

Wouldn't you like to REALLY prove something to yourself -- something that takes a little bit of severe effort and discipline?

I Think It's Time...

I'm not new to the bodybuilding world, having stepped on the NPC Stage a few times in an itty-bitty bikini and heels for the world to see my results.

I paid and registered for each event ahead of time -- not giving myself an "out."

I trained hard. I followed my plan. I didn’t give myself any excuses NOT to finish or NOT be compliant.

All I can say about the process is WOW!!

I believe the training and conditioning it takes to be a fitness competitor is one of the best types of training one can undergo.

It takes a special kind of "crazy" to WANT to DO WHAT IT TAKES -- to WANT TO STAY COMPLIANT -- and to even ENJOY the process.


A Whole New Level

I know, for me, this kind of training brings me to a whole new level of challenge... but also delivers an unspeakable empowerment -- not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.

It is the intensity of the HARD WORK and the insistence on COMPLIANCE that pack the punch.

But not only that … it’s also the understanding that this kind of discipline and sacrifice are NOT for the faint of heart.

Very few men or women “sign-up” to go to this elite level.

For me, it brought a real sense of solidarity.

I could only lean into myself and my own drive. It was up to ME to accomplish the goal. No one else.

Either I DID IT … or I DIDN’T.

The "Dig Deep" Mindset

I came to rely on nothing more than a “dig deep” mentality.

My training became about knowing how to force myself to deal with those "inner voices" of doubt. 

I learned to understand my personal triggers that might weaken me enough to give in to those voices.

I learned to fight and literally go to bat for myself --  and my goals.

Amazingly, I could feel an incredible inner strength growing while simultaneously increasing my outer physical strength.

I discovered I could “slay dragons”, so to speak, both inside the gym and inside my heart.

There's no way to describe it other than to say, "You'll know it when you get there!"

It is an AMAZING JOURNEY, my friends!

It's a journey I think YOU should experience!


Amazing Journey...

Yes, these are some of the special people who have taken the challenge to be the best they can possibly be.  Perhaps you can actually see their "outer glow" and get a sense of their inner strength.

Now It's YOUR Turn

Yes... NOW it’s YOUR TURN …To dive in head first and take YOURSELF to the next level. To experience the moment YOU'VE been waiting for!

NOW is YOUR hour of TRUTH!

Your program includes 4 phases of exercise: Neurological/Proprioception, Hypertrophy, Strength and Power.

You will move through these phases at your own pace based on your particular skill sets, previous injuries, age-related issues, etc.  

Regardless of pace, you will progress.


Fit Photage™


Details and Materials

The Fit Photage™ RIPT program includes several value added services and materials.

Exercise  Plans:

Your weekly exercise regimen will be delivered to your email.  It includes your lifting days and your cardio days.



Daily Journal:

My signature tracking journal will allow you to track your daily activities including all meals, snacks, exercise, schedules, measurements, recovery, etc.

Body Metrics: 

Multi-point tape measurements, calipers and scale weight are used to gauge and evaluate body-composition (lean tissue vs. body-fat).  I will also use a general RMR formula to calculate your resting metabolic rate.  This will give me an idea of your calorie consumption needs.  Upon assessment, minor adjustments can be made to your personalized exercise and nutrition plans.

Non-Negotiable Weekly Check-Ins:

These check ins occur on Sundays for EVERYONE participating in the RIPT program.  They include Answers to specific questions AND photos (front and back) in bathing suit/undergarments.


Supplement Bundles:

I have bundled several supplements to help support your exercise and nutrition needs.  This bundle can be purchased in the Nutrition Shop on my website with products delivered directly to your door.


Your photo shoot is meant to have the look of the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine or Muscle & Fitness.  SPECIAL BONUS:  Your photo will appear on the cover of the Michele Sodon Transformation Journals (above) as well as other materials!  You EARN your spot in the limelight and will be there for ALL TO SEE!  This is the ONLY program that offers photos on my business's printed materials.


Payment Options

Payment Plan Options:

  • Payments can be made online or in-person.  Options include "Paid-in-Full" or in monthly installments after a $300 non-refundable deposit. To make an online payment, Click here...

Family Discount:

  • Buy One -  Get One for 1/2 Price when you register and train during the same time slot with your spouse or a family member living within your household.

Repeat Program Programs:

  • If you decide to REPEAT any Fit Photage program (same or up-level), you'll automatically receive 10% off the total Fit Photage program price.

Extension Programs:

  • If you desire more than 12 weeks the RIPT program can be extended with minor revisions to level-up to your current conditioning.

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