How to Become a Fitness Superstar


Have you ever stumbled upon one of those inspiring online videos of folks in their 70’s performing incredible gymnastic moves, cycling like professionals or tearing up the dance floor?

Did it make you think:  

“I want to be able to do that when I’m their age!”

Did you wonder: 

“How can I become “that person?”


The Secret is to Start Now


Perhaps you already have a  lifestyle habit of consistent exercise.


If not, I can assure you the SECRET to becoming a 70-80-90-year old superstar is to simply get started.   Like, right now!


Show Your Body Some Love!


Listen, the best way to show your body some love is to keep your muscles strong and flexible.


You may have heard the old adage: “It’s easier to clean a clean house.” 


The same premise goes for your body.  It’s much easier to maintain your fitness level and your muscles than it is to rebuild it. 


Many people begin their first real fitness journey after 20-30 or even 40 years of jobs, families, events and all kinds of things that may have prevented them from taking consistent care of their bodies.


Good News!


So, here’s the good news: It’s never too late to start the journey and improve your overall physical health. 


Your age is just a number. 


Many people in their 60s and 70s make remarkable changes in their cardiovascular fitness, muscle mass, flexibility and overall health. 


It takes consistency, attention to menu planning and a little patience, but it’s definitely achievable.


Why It’s So Important


Here’s why getting started is crucial, especially if you’re over 50.


Once you hit the age of 30, your body begins to lose 3% to 5% of its muscle mass each year. 


Over a lifetime, that can add up to a staggering 30% muscle loss. 


And less muscle means less strength, less balance and a higher risk of falls and fractures.


But the benefits of maintaining your muscle health go beyond strength and safety. 


It’s a key factor in keeping your metabolism revved-up (i.e., burning fat) as you age. 


That’s precisely why strength training becomes a game-changer once you pass the age of 40. It can help your body hold onto that precious muscle and maybe even reverse the decline.


Consider These Two Things…


So, here are two must-dos to add to your weekly self-care list:


   Strength Training:  Aim for at least TWO days of resistance training every week. Make sure to target all your major muscle groups like your legs, back, and chest.


Resistance training not only helps maintain muscle but also keeps your bones strong.


   Stretching & Mobility:  Set aside some time for stretching and mobility work. This becomes even more critical after you hit 50.


Not only does it alleviate aches and pains, but it also allows your muscles to move through a wide range of motion, so you can enjoy all your favorite activities without discomfort.


Remember, maintaining mobility and flexibility plays a surprising role in your balance. Limited range of motion can affect your walking and posture, which, in turn, impacts your balance. So, devote 5-10 minutes several days a week to work on your flexibility. 


Start Today! 


So, there you have it.   If you want to a fitness superstar in your later years, then, start today.


Your future healthy self will thank you for it! 💪🤸‍♂️



  1. Barb Johnson on November 8, 2023 at 12:51 pm

    Michele. That’s me. I’m 72 and still strength training. Doing yoga. Keep moving

  2. Wild Billy on November 8, 2023 at 5:53 pm

    thanks for the reminder to stretch MORE

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