"I want to be stronger so that I don't have to ask my kids for help!"

That's what she said when we first met. And so that's what we did!!

Jaimie participated in the Fit Photage IGNITE program that began in January 2020. She was gung ho to lift some heavy weights in order to build strength and also increase her metabolism so that she could lose some body fat with hopes to REVEAL some guns at the end of the program.

Jaimie is a real "toughie."

She rides dirt bikes, drives a JEEP, can sling a hammer like nobody's business, rides horses, manages livestock, works at a Garden Center. She is 100% outdoorsy and relies on her strength to get things done!

Jaimie stocked up on my signature Protein Powder to fuel her body during her busy schedule, worked a full day and came to see me twice per week after work. She dug in deep and did the work! She decided to add the Destination piece to her photo shoot and as we were coming into week 11 ...

Covid came a knockin'.

So Jaimie, along with several others, decided to turn lemons into lemonade and signed up to extend her program for ANOTHER 12 WEEKS. She participated in online Zoom sessions for the AMP'D program and didn't realize that switching things up for another 12 weeks could make her work even harder and make her even more sore!

The big finale was when Jaimie realized she NO LONGER NEEDED HELP FROM HER KIDS! She got a new, bigger dirt bike and guess what??? She handled it like a dream! She had indeed gained strength!

Jaimie, you are a gorgeous person, inside and out. I'm so happy to have gotten to know you and take part in such a victory! You absolutely ROCKED these programs and I'm proud to call you my "Sistah"!!!

Trainer: Michele Sodon, Owner of and Creator of Fit Photage programs

Photographer: Tony Clapp

HMUA: Jonathan Nelson of Desired Couture in Las Vegas

Venues: Nelson's Ghost Town in Nelson, NV and the Dry Lake Beds in Jean, NV

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