[ . . . Janie wanted something different than her usual exercise routine. She wanted a more stringent, goal-oriented challenge.

She has exercised all her life and has maintained a high level of fitness, but thought she'd like to see what a more specific program could do for her. She dove in head first, amidst a very busy life with work and family responsibilities.

She prepped her food, switched up the exercise routine she was accustomed to and even went so far as to download an app on her phone to remind her when it was time to drink more water! Janie and her workout partner, Christa, worked very well together and created a great environment of work along with fun and laughter.

Janie pushed what she thought was her limit of strength ... and the proof is in the pictures! What a great time we had in downtown Denver at the Denver Art Museum!

I, for one, love Janie's work ethic coupled with her sweet Southern accent and her contagious laugh. Was great working alongside her!

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