[ . . . Jeanne called me after hearing about the Fit Photage program from a local esthetician. She had been looking for something that would force her to dig a little deeper on a fitness level.

She really liked the fact that there was a body metrics tracking process and a complete nutrition plan that accompanied the intense exercise regimen.

As soon as we talked on the phone, she decided then and there that she was ALL IN.

Jeanne has a very disciplined work ethic and leads an already active and healthy lifestyle. Fitness wasn't anything new to her ... but this process was. She liked seeing how all of her cardio, her lifting and her eating went hand in hand with each other towards the same goal.

These 3 aspects of the program are very specific and not 1 aspect is counter-intuitive to the other. In her life of health and fitness, Jeanne had not connected the dots between the importance of those 3 elements working together and not separate from each other.

As with most people, the thought is that as long as I exercise and eat relatively healthy, shouldn't I see results?

Not always because not all forms of cardio, lifting and eating work synergistically towards one common goal. Jeanne learned how to increase her metabolism through specifying those 3 healthy modalities, giving her much more sustained energy, an increase in lean muscle and a decrease in body fat while maintaining the life of the lean muscle.

Voila!! Progress was made and Success was accomplished!

Jeanne was thrilled by her results, and though nervous about her photo shoot ... she came through it with flying colors. It was a pleasure working with Jeanne and filling the studio with her positive outlook on life and her genuine smile.

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