Jennifer found out about Fit Photage by recommendation of a mutual friend of ours and after our initial consultation she stepped right up to the plate.

I love Jennifer's style -- her willingness to stand apart from the crowd and live life to the beat of her own drum. We connected almost immediately.

She started out as a Regional IGNITE participant in March 2020 and you guessed it ...

Covid turned everything upside down!

Jennifer had 1 session with me in person and the remainder of her program had to be on a REMOTE status. Thankfully, she is a gym rat like me and has a room set aside in her house with all sorts of gym equipment. We met via Zoom for live streaming sessions twice per week.

This one's got spirit! She is a go getter and loves what pushing some iron does for her physically but also mentally. She likes to push herself and be pushed by others.

After completing 12 solid weeks of IGNITE, Jennifer extended her program by 4 more weeks so that she could finish with the rest of the group who had also extended their programs.

I look forward to working with Jennifer more! She is definitely one who fits in to my TRIBE of peeps who love to lift weights, who overcome life's obstacles by putting in some sweat equity, who love to be unique and have no desire to follow the crowd.

You're amazing, Jennifer - and these photos completely capture your BAD-ASSERY!! The bike ... the smoke bombs. I mean, just - WOW!! Looking forward to seeing what more you have up your sleeve for the future!


Trainer: Michele Sodon, Owner of and Creator of Fit Photage programs

Photographer: Tony Clapp

HMUA: Jonathan Nelson of Desired Couture in Las Vegas

Venues: Nelson's Ghost Town in Nelson, NV and the Dry Lake Beds in Jean, NV

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