julie before
julie after

[ . . .  Julie's journey began amidst a very intense yoga certification.  Not only did she have to focus on all the elements of the Fit Photage program, but also educate herself in the practice of yoga in preparation for teaching that practice to others.

Many days Julie would do her cardio in the early morning, lift weights a few hours later and then run off to complete her yoga training.

She was very busy and somehow juggled it all!

Julie is very strong and loves how strength training makes her feel.  She learned some new tricks of the trade in the way of proper nutrition to fuel her body for the energy that she had to expend each day.

And the cardio allowed her to release any cobwebs inside her head due to the swirl of activity surrounding her day-to-day.  Julie completed her program alongside a group of 3 others and offered a great source of support and motivation for them.  She is living proof that anyone can accomplish anything without having to use the excuse of "I don't have time".

Making time and making up her mind, Julie accomplished much!

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