Keep it Simple

Here’s something really cool I want to share with you today that might just flip the way you think about your health and fitness journey. 


It’s a little mindset shift that’s going to make things way easier for you to:

  • Stick with the basics,
  • Keep from feeling like you’re in over your head, and
  • Ease off the pressure of thinking about all the things you feel like you “ought” to be doing.


Memory Lane


Allow me to take you on a little trip down memory lane:   Remember the last time you had to show someone how to do something? 


Maybe it was a new colleague at work, teaching a kiddo how to tie his or her shoes, or showing a buddy how to master a skill you’ve got down pat.


How did you approach it? 


My bet is you didn’t throw everything at them all at once, expecting perfection from the get-go. You probably started with the basics, building up from there once they got the hang of it.


This is exactly how we should think about building healthy lifestyle habits, especially if we’re coming from a place of less-than-ideal habits. 


Building Healthy Habits


It’s pretty wild how we often expect ourselves to dive in headfirst and ace everything from day one. But let’s be honest, that’s a straight path to feeling burnt-out and frustrated.


Here’s something I like to share with new clients during my initial strategy session: 


“The only difference between my physical condition and yours is that I’ve been crafting and sticking to healthy habits for a lifetime, while you might have been on a different path. But that’s okay! Up-leveling those habits is at the core of every program I offer!”


Crack the Code


Listen… the secret sauce to building healthy habits is to let yourself be the student. 


Start with one or two new habits that make you feel like a winner.  Something small that will positively and immediately impact your entire health and fitness journey.


For example, let’s take hydration. 


The experts don’t agree on how much water is enough… but that doesn’t matter. 

For you, the goal is to find a sweet spot that’s a tad more than what you normally drink and stick with it till it feels second nature, just like brushing your teeth.


Water is, in fact, is a great starting point.   


Did you know that staying well-hydrated boosts your energy, aids digestion, helps transport nutrients and oxygen, cushions your joints, cuts down on cravings and hunger (since we often confuse thirst with hunger), helps flush out toxins, and even plays a role in fat metabolism? 


Wow… all of these benefits for such a small and simple behavior change!


Add More…


Once you’ve got that habit down you might add another one or two into the mix and keep going. 


This could be anything from starting with a few energizing workouts a week, tweaking your meals for a little better nutrition, or carving out a little time each week to reflect on your progress.

Little Steps = Game Changer!


Sounds pretty straightforward, right? 


That’s because it truly is quite simple if you start with little steps. 


You’ll find that embracing simplicity, consistency and patience is the true game-changer.


I’m all about those simple, sustainable habits that make a big difference over time because I know that it works so well. 


Are you ready to start making some changes?


Let’s talk!

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    Thanks Coach Michele
    I can understand that’s for sure

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