kim before
kim after

[ . . .  That's because, as a runner, Kim was unsure what kind of results strength training would give her.

Upon first meeting Kim she told me that she was not really interested in too much weight training because she thought she would "bulk up".

After training for several months with me, she saw how much she had been missing in the way of exercise by running more than she had been strength training.

She immediately decided that Fit Photage would be the perfect program to test her theory (of whether or not weight lifting would bulk her).

What a huge discovery she made!!  Weight training .... even HEAVY weights created more of a metabolic burn than all her years of cardio conditioning.  She toned and tightened all over her body and actually became SMALLER yet more defined and definitely more strong.

The Fit Photage exercise and nutrition plan had totally rocked her world and completely changed her mindset.  In addition, it increased her running strength and her gave her more power.  Win, Win!

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