lisa before
lisa after

[ . . .  Lisa was on board and ready to go when her friend, Christina, mentioned the idea of doing the Fit Photage program.

She, along with three others, formed a group that trained together, encouraged each other and became accountable to one another for the duration of the 12 weeks.

Lisa and her group met with me 3 times per week .... they dove in on their commitment level all the way from the very beginning!

Lisa did not realize her own strength.

She surprised herself when it came to her lifting ability. She loved the way the program made her feel in regards to the inner and outer strength of body and mind.

Fit Photage gave her a focus that was needed during some life changes (good changes, but a new normal, nonetheless).

Lisa enjoyed how the program was divided into 3 week segments .... with changes to the exercise regimen every 3 weeks. It gave her the ability to go all in, knowing that in 3 weeks she could switch things up to create a brand new focus.

Addicted to how the amazing the program made her feel, Lisa, along with the group, decided to go through it a second time in order to seal the deal!

This girl is on FIRE!

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