[ . . . Maria contacted me on a whim because she wanted to see about increasing her fitness ability with weights and also learn how to support her efforts through nutrition.

She works in the Hospitality industry as an executive manager for a hotel, and needed a plan that she could possibly implement at home due to erratic work hours. She wanted guidance and a specific plan that she could follow that would provide results.

We decided on the Fit Photage IGNITE program.

The exercise regimen was a challenge (especially Weeks 4-6 of IGNITE, which for most people is a LOVE/HATE set of weeks). In Maria's own words .... the program was kicking her butt and in a good way!

Maria dialed in her nutrition - thankful that I promised to never, ever mess with her coffee. (By the way, that's a promise I make with every single participant!). Her eating was clean. She felt energetic. She came up with alternatives for cocktails when enjoying time with friends and neighbors. Based on the nutrition guidance, Maria was given wings to create delicious alternatives not only for herself but also for her husband.

One of the fun things she did was find ways for them both to enjoy a little dessert on Sundays - and the guidance from her nutrition plan helped her be creative. Maria and I had our weekly check ins and all was going smoothly and then ..... just before completion of the program, the COVID-19 virus hit the fan. Work became completely erratic with very long, very difficult days.

So, we waited a few weeks to shoot photos so that Maria could dial things back in and feel ready to celebrate. Her shoot was a blast and we definitely celebrated! Now she can take the tools she learned from Fit Photage and continue to apply them in her quest to remain strong and fit from here moving forward!

Trainer: Michele Sodon, Creator of Fit Photage Programs and Owner Michele Sodon, LLC

Photographer: Dwight "Bubba" Berry of DB Imaging

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