That's the nickname we gave this beauty while we were on our fun Fit Photage Destination Photo Shoot in San Diego.

Michelle came to me from a referral of Angela, another Fit Photage participant. She decided once and for all to GO ALL IN and had seen Angela's results and wanted in on the "secret".

Michelle's mantra during her program became, "QUIT QUITTING". You see, she had exercised before, done other things to stay healthy, dived in on other fitness groups and endeavors. But she hadn't completely followed through with a longer haul mentality. Hers was a "start, stop" gig.

Michelle is such a hard worker and when there is an investment made, an accountability declared, a gauntlet presented .... she is ON TASK!


She decided on the Passage program due to its personalization and also it's anti-inflammatory nutrition protocol.

I pushed her limits. And she responded. I kept pushing and she continued to respond with an equal push back. She put her head down and accepted the grind.

Over the course of 12 weeks, Michelle trimmed off 3.5 inches from her waist/hips, dropped 4 pounds and said goodbye to 4% body fat!!

Bombshell ... you da BOMB, girlfriend. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you!!

  • Trainer: Michele Sodon, Owner Michele Sodon, LLC and Creator of all Fit Photage programs
  • Photo Credit: Tony Clapp
  • Photo Venue: Ocean Beach, CA

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