My Top 5 Reasons Why Quick Fix Weight Loss is Making you FAT!



We almost can’t help it, can we?

I mean … don’t we live in a “have it now” World??

So it kinda, sorta makes sense that we buy into the “Quick Fix” mentality for nearly every aspect of our lives.

And quite frankly — society makes it easy because there’s a quickie for EVERYTHING!

You’ve seen it advertised, I know it!

How about some of these tag lines that appeal to our emotions, incorporating a sense of urgency and promising health and happiness in a short amount of time.

🟠 “Desperate to lose weight fast? How to drop pounds quickly & easily.”

🟠 “No workouts needed! Lose weight NOW!”

🟠 “Results after just one day!”

🟠 “A better YOU in just 6 weeks”


Sure, I get it.

‼️ I understand that desperation for change is REAL.

‼️ I understand how we get to a point of willingness to DO ANYTHING.

‼️ I understand how society pushes us to take the short cut because we CAN.


But in all my years in this industry I have learned this …

There is NO QUICK FIX for sustainable health and fitness!




In fact, there are many reasons why QUICK FIX weight loss is dangerous and working AGAINST us rather than FOR us.


Here’s my Top 5 reasons why Quick Fix Weight Loss may be making you FAT.

1. Quick Fixes are not sustainable

Sure, we may lose weight but what is that weight consisted of? It most certainly is not just body fat.

Quick fixes are usually nutritionally deficient, forcing the body to eat whatever it can to survive (usually muscle) and hold onto the things that will allow it to survive longer (body fat).

As soon as we return to our “normal” way of doing life, we will gain back the weight and then some — and usually it’s more body fat that the body stores just in case we decide to go on another Quick Fix binge again.

2. Quick Fixes require drastic, unhealthy measures

If the goal is to lose weight in order to be healthier — why do we buy into a process that is ultimately unhealthy?

Usually those drastic measures become so difficult to maintain that we end up ditching the madness and running the other direction — swinging like a pendulum from one extreme to another.

This pendulum swing causes such damage and ends up hindering any sustainable fat loss.

3.  Quick Fixes do not consider how the body actually works

Starve the body — and it will hold onto body fat and slow down the metabolism in order to survive.

A slow metabolism prevents fat loss, so there again, what the weight loss is comprised of is important!

Similarly, if we choose to  over-exercise to beat the body into shape with hopes to lose weight, the body’s cortisol levels increase causing even more potential body fat retention and the vicious cycle continues.

4.  Quick Fixes deliver false promises

When we side-step a healthy, sustainable, long-term process, believing we can achieve those long-term results in afraction of the time, we buy into a false promise — a lie — the promise that yes, YOU, can have all the results NOW so why take the long road?

And sure — you may see what you think are results in that short amount of time, but trust me when I say that those “results” are not really “results” but instead the body’s reaction to what you are forcing on it.

Eventually it’s reaction will take measures to keep itself functioning rather than thriving which in turn puts us into the danger zone.

5.  Quick Fixes only care about the scale number

Did you know that the scale is the worst assessment of body composition??  But Quick Fixes don’t care.

As long as thatscale number is decreasing, then “results” are being delivered.  General weight loss consists of 3 main things:

Body Fat, Water and Muscle.

Quick Fixes are completely OK with us losing all 3 of those things and the scale doesn’t differentiate WHAT we’ve lost.

So, if we put our bodies into Quickie mode — we are more than likely losing musclealong the way which, as noted previously, is a metabolic disaster leaving us worse off from where we started.


So what’s the ANSWER?? 


Research how to create a FAT LOSS plan that is sustainable, healthy and safe.

It may take a YEAR to achieve lasting results — but you know what??  That’s OK!

In fact, it’s more than OK.



Check out how BRIAN changed his life …








And Amanda … 


Their stories can be YOUR STORY too!


Contact ME!

Schedule a consultation with me — tap into my wealth of knowledge on the subject.


I can help you understand how your body works and how to put you on a path for true SUCCESS!

No Yo-Yo’s.

No Gimmicks.

Just solid guidance in the kitchen and in the gym that will deliver the LONG-TERM results you seek.


It will require






But it most certainly can be done without the harm of taking what seems like the easy way out!


Always in your good health,



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