[ . . . Nikki came to the studio about a year ago. She was looking for a local trainer in her area and little did she know that Michele Sodon was only a short walk down the street!

Nikki had recently moved to Evergreen, Colorado and wanted to get back to her normal exercise regimen. She trained during the summer and became interested in Fit Photage once September came along.

Nikki participated in Fit Photage IGNITE in September of 2016, regrouped during the month of December and jumped into Fit Photage XT in January of 2017. She particularly enjoyed the strength element of XT and also being able to have a bit more control over her nutrition with food swapping options, tracking her macro nutrient grams to meet overall daily calorie goals and choosing specific exercises that she wanted to see specific gains.

Fit Photage IGNITE laid a very substantial foundation for Nikki and Fit Photage XT gave her body the push it needed to break through her plateaus and see marked progress in not only her body metrics but also in her overall muscular strength.

There is no question that exercise, particularly strength training, is a vital part of Nikki's life. She shows up for each session with nothing less than 100% effort. It is/was an honor to work with her and I have no doubt she will continue to "bring the heat" in the future!

Fit Photage Trainer: Michele Sodon of LivFit Strength & Conditioning Photo Credit: Tony Clapp of Tony Clapp Photography and Tony Rocco Photography Make Up: Tori Apodaca of Bronze and Beautiful Hair: Camille Sullivan of Locks and Lips Tan: Kandyce Braband of Trinity Esthetics

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