Perspective Inversa


Worth -Value-Beauty—-

Nothing.  In you there is nothing but
Waste.   You ruin
Everything good … Nothing about you is
Beautiful.   You are the embodiment of
Mistakes   Your Mental, emotional, physical characteristics –
Have no lasting impact.   Each day  you should disregard your
Value.   Shame and regret
Overwhelming you … Embrace the
Hopelessness, doubts, fears from
Every moment   Prevent
Courage – Rise up and then
Dim your
Light from the inside out.  Never
Enough value, beauty, worth, passion, goodness, discipline,
You have

Now read from the bottom line up (left to right) from the last line to the first.

Perspectiva Inversa

We are what we think.

The negativity that swirls in our minds concerning ourselves is devastating.  It predicts our every movement through life, our reactions to others, our assumed position in this World.  Oh the fiery darts we throw at our own hearts.  The World is full of naysayers and haters, yet we are our worst enemy most days.  From the moment our feet hit the floor in the morning to pillowing our heads at night, the running dialogue of self doubt, self hatred, self sabotage creates a slow and painful death to our spirits.

It takes courage to stand up for ourselves amidst the doubts and fears, the insecurities, the mistakes, the wounds, the regrets.  That battalion of warriors inside our heads is fierce, unrelenting, harsh and cruel and is willing at any moment to take us down, and HARD.  It uses every single weapon in our wheelhouse to weaken us until we fall.  The enemy at the gates is sly and uses seemingly innocuous means to keep us from standing tall and living in victory.

Comparing ourselves to others.  Oh, that’s a sticky one.  We become entrapped in the “less than” pit.  The waters are muddy and our feet slip on the slimy undersurface of “looking less”, “having less”, “being less”.  There is no standing on such a surface.
Returning to Regrets.  Like a dog returns to its own vomit.  Melodramatic you say?  Ahhh, but we do this ALL THE TIME.  There’s no standing in victory while hunched over, feasting on the rancid remnants of regrets.

Carrying the bag of Shame.  This is a doozie and is a sure way of crippling anyone under its weight.  The thing is, we aren’t meant to carry that pack on our backs.  Shame is an uninvited traveler, perched on our shoulders, free-loading from us along the journey.  It takes our pride, our dignity, our fortitude and eventually our ability to take another step toward victory.  For as long as we are allow ourselves to be heavy laden, the cost to Shame is nothing.  The cost to us is great.

Validating Devaluation

We are the only ones who can allow ourselves to feel devalued.  Sure, others can attempt to make us feel worthless by the words they say or the way they treat us, but it’s only in our own agreement with them that we become flanked on all sides by the value stealers.  Our worth was decided from the very beginning.  “You are beautifully and wonderfully made.”  No other person, circumstance, group of people, authority figures, mistakes in life can change the fact that from the beginning of time our value was already established.  Validating devaluation of ourselves hangs our heads so low that we can no longer see the path ahead, fight the battles or even come close to living in victory.

Playing Hangman with Hopelessness.   Whenever we play against the house, the house usually wins.  It is risky behavior to play games with Hopelessness.  Much like Russian Roulette, the odds of coming out alive are slim.  The noose of Hopelessness is tied and ready to choke us out.  Hopelessness and all the various emotions it brings to the playing table is a crooked dealer wanting us to believe, in the depths of our souls, that there’s just no use in trying.  There’s no hope for 2nd chances, for change, for any good thing — and certainly no hope for winning battles, much less the war.  Not too far into the game we find ourselves hung up, barely breathing.

Moving in with FEAR.  When we decide to live our lives side by side with FEAR, we get into bed with a LIAR.  Watch your back.  Keep one eye open because FEAR could snuff you out in your sleep.  FEAR cripples.  FEAR steals joy, happiness.  FEAR puts up road blocks, stop signs, no entry placards.  FEAR keeps our strength at bay.  FEAR asphyxiates us and robs us of our forward drive on this battleground of life.


We need a change of thought … a reversal … a flip side … a completely upside down re-write of the programmed thought process in our heads.  We’ve got dragons and demons to slay.  There’s a battle ground in our minds and hearts with enough enemies from within and from without that are vying for victory.  The enemies plot daily to steal, kill and destroy from any and every angle possible.  We have work to do beginning with our own internal dialogue.  Let’s gather our troops to the frontline.  It’s time for battle.

Perspectiva Inversa, my comrades.  Onward and Upward!

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