[ . . . Rhi began as a personal training client of LivFit Strength & Conditioning for a year prior to her participation in the regional Fit Photage™ IGNITE Program.

She had already made such strides to her physical fitness and wanted to see just how much farther she could go. She signed up for the Jan-March 2018 program, not really knowing what to expect from herself or from the program.

Despite her extremely busy schedule with work and family, Rhi put in 100% effort...following the nutrition plan and exercise regimen.

She was completely amazed at the changes in her body! Her hard work was paying off!

She watched as inches were lost and scale weight decreased and muscle definition became much more visible. Her endurance and strength increased dramatically and her metabolism kicked in, running hot!

From the very beginning Rhi was unsure about having a professional fitness photoshoot. (as are most participants!!) Something about it made her very nervous.

But what a day of fun and celebration it was. We had a great time at her photoshoot with the help of our photographer, Victor Fossen. He made her feel so comfortable and showed her how fun it can be to be in the limelight for a couple hours.

Now Rhi is ready to continue working hard in the gym and in the kitchen to see just what else she can accomplish for her body, mind and spirit on this fitness journey!

Trainer Credit: Michele Sodon, Owner of LivFit Strength & Conditioning and Creator of Fit Photage™ Level I and XT programs. Photo Credit: Victor Fossen of ClickPicVic

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