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Fit Photage™ Train with the Trainer


Results!  These motivated participants are part of my latest group who chose to "Train with the Trainer!

Are you READY?  Are you SET?
Let's GO..!

Fit Photage™ Train with the Trainer is my most unique program that pulls out all the stops.

It’s a Full-Steam Ahead — All GO photoshoot prep program.

So, What’s so Unique About it?

For starters it’s no less than 6 solid months of progressive lifting, cardio and nutrition phases that do not allow for plateaus.

It’s also more of a group-think” program that allows for 10 participants to be involved simultaneously — there’s built-in camaraderie, support, encouragement and motivation.

That Group Think also includes a Private Group Chat where you have access to me and the group 24/7.

Fit Photage Train with the Trainer

But the BEST PART that makes Train with the Trainer so UNIQUE?

I do the program WITH YOU !!

We LIFT … We do CARDIO … We fuel ourselves NUTRITIONALLY …  We strengthen our Bodies, Minds and Spirits … TOGETHER!

TWT Brian Michele Turkish Get Up

Fit Photage™ Train with the Trainer

Come Join Us!

You and the group get the unique experience of tapping into MY methodology —

How I train myself.

How I eat.

How I manage stress through exercise.

How I live out this Lifestyle of Fitness.

And, because we are side-by-side in the gym (up to 5 days per week!) and on our group chat, YOU LEARN A LOT!

That's because you are provided with access to my 30+ years of experience -  how I think - how I operate — How I ROLL!

Come join us.  Let's do this together.


Here's what motivated participants say...


Fit Photage™

with the

Details and Materials

The Fit Photage™ TRAIN with the TRAINER Program includes several value added services and materials, including:

Exercise Plans:

✅ You will be provided with our weekly regimen , delivered to your email. It includes your lifting days and your cardio days.

✅  Exercise demo videos are provided on our private Group Chat forum.

Nutrition Plans:

✅ You will have access to my Nutrition Portal where your nutrition guidance is delivered.  Plans are calorie and macronutrient-based and you may substitute one macro for another if needed.


Daily Journal:

My signature tracking journal will allow you to track your daily activities including all meals, snacks, exercise, schedules, measurements, recovery, etc.

Body Metrics: 

Multi-point tape measurements, calipers and scale weight are used to gauge and evaluate body-composition (lean tissue vs. body-fat).  I will also use a general RMR formula to calculate your resting metabolic rate.  This will give me an idea of your calorie consumption needs.  Upon assessment, minor adjustments can be made to your personalized exercise and nutrition plans.


Supplement Bundles:

I have bundled several supplements to help support your exercise and nutrition needs.  This bundle can be purchased in the Nutrition Shop on my website with products delivered directly to your door.

Professional Photo Shoot:
Show off your results from this photo shoot prep program with a professional photo shoot alongside me and your exercise peers!

Payment Options

Payment Plan Options:

  • Payments can be made online or in-person.  Options include "Paid-in-Full" or in monthly installments after a $300 non-refundable deposit. To make an online payment, Click here...

Family Discount:

  • Buy One -  Get One for 1/2 Price when you register and train during the same time slot with your spouse or a family member living within your household.

Repeat Program Programs:

  • If you decide to REPEAT any Fit Photage program (same or up-level), you'll automatically receive 10% off the total Fit Photage program price.

Extension Programs:

  • If you desire more than 6 months the Train with the Trainer Program can be extended so that you can see just how much you can accomplish in a year or more!

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