[ . . . Victoria and her daughter Rachael have been long-time participants in my 6am fitness classes.

When the opportunity came along for taking her fitness to the next level through Fit Photage, Victoria siezed the moment.

You see, Victoria has an uncanny fighter's spirit. She has overcome many obstacles in life and has stood tall, never accepted "CAN'T" as an option, faced her difficulties and has gained such strength of character ... body, mind and soul.

She took on the Fit Photage challenge after having shoulder surgery, determined to gain back her strength, overcome yet another obstacle and come out the better for it. And she did just that.

She dialed in her nutrition, gave up some bad habits (a daily Starbucks latte, for one) and attacked her goal with a vengeance.

Our photographer, Dustin Sheffield, caught Victoria's spirit during her photo shoot. We had such a great time at his studio and on location and with the colored powder. Lots of laughs and fun .... the epitome of Victoria Lierheimer!

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