What’s in Michele’s Water Bottle?


Aren’t you the least bit curious? 

I bet you’re hoping it’s something sneaky like Tequila.


Or maybe since I absolutely love COFFEE, I’ve filled my water bottle with the best part of waking up …


Perhaps it’s pre-workout — you know — because caffeine from my coffee just isn’t enough “get up and go” for me.


Admittedly, I’ve been tempted on ALL counts.



I am, for the most part, very strict on what I intake.


I steer clear of most of the gimmicks out there.

You know — the “take this 1 simple pill and you’ll have the body of your dreams in 2 days” kinda deals.


Or the many varieties of quick fixes that are, if we are being completely honest, scams that tug at the heart of the desperate who have thrown all logic out the window and ride on the wings of emotion.




I understand that there comes a time when we will DO ANYTHING to just





But at what cost in the long run?

I’m usually unwilling to sacrifice that “long run”.

I’m not willing the pay the piper only to wake up in the long run feeling, looking and performing worse for having given in to the hype of any quick fix.



As we all age — and oh, by the way, WE ALL DO

— we MUST find out what our bodies need different from 5, 10, 20 years ago.

We must morph within our habits and care for ourselves as our bodies morph.

It’s a linear relationship and truly, our bodies are begging us to figure things out!


So What’s in my Water Bottle?

Hang tight.

First, a little info on a few ways AGE changes us in relation to what’s in my water bottle

👉A drying out on the cellular level

👉Hormone imbalances / depletion

👉Slowing metabolism

👉Increase in body fat

👉Decrease in lean mass (muscle)

👉Slower brain/body connection

👉Decrease in energy stores


👉Deficiencies out the Wazoo

👉Longer recovery and repair after workouts

👉For women … all sorts of symptoms associated with menopause


My “Secret Sauce”

So here’s the BIG REVEAL.


Inside my water bottle is a homemade concoction of ELECTROLYTE water.


Are you slightly disappointed that it isn’t something more — shall I say — Exciting?


To ME it IS Exciting because it may just be the thing that changes my life


It could be the thing that changes YOUR LIFE too!


What’s the Big Deal?

I’ll tell you what’s the Big Deal !!!

Our bodies are at LEAST 60% water.

Yet, we are dehydrated most of the time.

And this dehydration is from WITHIN!

As we age our bodies become drier and drier to the point where plain drinking water isn’t even sufficient to reverse dehydration on the cellular level.



I do a bit of research on aging and how it correlates to exercise, fitness and overall healthy living.

I try to find ways to HELP my body as it ages —

and then I like to pass along that information to YOU.


What I’ve found in my research about Electrolytes and Hydration fascinates me.

I certainly have more research to do but here are some of the highlights that led me to making my own electrolyte water.


🎯Electrolyte levels and their positive effects are compromised at just 2% dehydration (probably just before you actually feel thirsty).


🎯You can flush out your electrolytes (as well as other vital vitamins and nutrients) by drinking too much plain water.  This can lead to serious, life threatening issues.


🎯Electrolytes are small, slightly charged particles that are essential for human health.  They include sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, chloride, phosphate & bicarbonate.


🎯Electrolytes regulate how much water is kept inside or pushed out of cells which maintains hydration levels and prevents fluid retention.


🎯Women in menopause who have hot flashes or night sweats are at greater risk of dehydration and electrolyte depletion & the negative effects.


🎯Electrolytes balance ph levels in our body.


🎯Nerve cells use electrolytes to carry electrical impulses around the body … this encompasses cognition.


🎯Electrolytes can play a role in mood regulation, sleep, brain function, energy levels and more!


🎯Studies show that Electrolytes help decrease menopause symptoms in women.



I understood the need for electrolytes in hot, humid climates.  I knew also that electrolytes are necessary for endurance athletes.

I also experienced the power of electrolytes personally during long days

of participating and teaching fitness classes

and during any of my endurance fitness events.

BUT — I NEVER KNEW all the other amazing benefits and I’m game for learning MORE!



(I stumbled onto this — I did not create this recipe)

For 1/2 Gallon of Spring Water, Filtered Water  or Boiled Tap Water

(because most water is treated and can conflict with the electrolyte ingredients)

🧂1/2 tsp Potassium Chloride (Salt Substitute.  Also branded as NoSalt or NuSalt.  (I just purchased the potassium chloride)

🧂1 tsp Cream of Tartar Powder (potassium bitartrate)

🧂1/2 tsp Pink Himalayan Sea Salt (sodium without the iodine)

🧂Lemon Juice to taste, Crystal Light if preferred or sugar free flavor drops

*To complete my Electrolyte protocol, I add  CalMagZinc to my regimen at night (just not IN the water).

Check out our supply here —> Michele’s Signature Supplements


Give this a whirl for 7 solid days and then …

… Let me know how it goes!

** This is MY regimen.  You may want to get blood work done or consult with your health care provider before implementing this or any protocol.**


~From 1 Water Guzzler to Another,




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