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With Michele Sodon

Oh yes...  the world is a busy place --  full of busy people  --  with busy schedules.     I understand the challenges.  I'm a Mom and a business owner!

But, I know how to make it all work!  Even if you live 100 --  or even 1,000 miles away.

My online sessions are the perfect solution for busy people.

As with all my programming, the online training program is designed specifically for you -- your lifestyle and goals.

Their personal journeys...

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How to Get Started

After a consultation, a personalized plan will be created.  I can create a customized regimen for a timeframe of 8 wks , 16 wks or 6 months. 

Plans are delivered via email and based on your weekly check-ins (via email every Sunday during the duration of your plan), we will decide if your current regimen will progress or remain the same. 

All plans are designed to fit YOUR needs and based on YOUR input!  It will be up to you to follow the guidelines and commit to doing the work!

  • Complete the Discovery Form
  • Schedule a consultation with me.
  • Select your track:  Strictly Strength, Cardio Strength or Functional/Athletic Strength.  
  • Program extensions available
  • Pre-payment required.  No refunds.

Online Training Tracks

Strictly Strength

Do you wonder just what you can do in regard to your overall strength capabilities?  Have you hit a plateau?  Have you picked up the same wights for years and don't see the results you desire?  The Online Strictly Strength track is for YOU!  This progressive track shows you various lifting techniques and strategies to help you develop actual strength gains for upper body, lower body and core.  Added Bonus?  Your metabolism will increase as well!  

Recommendation:  Lasting progress takes time.  I recommend a 6 month commitment.


For those who enjoy the dynamic approach of cardiovascular conditioning coupled with strength training.  This track offers the best of both worlds.  Michele develops a plan based on your input and utilizes the equipment you have at your disposal, whether at the gym or in your home.  The Cardio-Strength track is perfect for overall strength and conditioning results.

Recommendation:   8-week, 16-week or 6-month commitments work well.

Functional/Athletic Strength

If you love an "out of the box" approach to training that requires stability, maneuverability and rotation through various planes of motion, explosiveness and mastery of the brain/body connection - this track has you covered!  It utilizes several fitness tools such as the Bosu, agility equipment, battle ropes, medicine and stability balls, suspension systems and much more to twist, turn, push and pull your body to new levels of functionality and athleticism.  This track also includes training for triathlons, adventure races and other such events (upon request of the client).

Recommendation:  No less than 16 weeks because the brain/body connection requires time, repetition and slow progressions.


It will be beneficial to both of us if, before we talk, you complete a brief "discovery form" that provides some insight about you.


Upon completion of our discovery call together, sessions are pre-purchased via my virtual credit card.   Let's get started!

What clients say


Bobby Patrick

"Michele took the time to teach me how to perform the exercises properly and how to achieve the best results in the shortest period of time.  She will bring out the best in you.  I would recommend her highly to anyone looking for a qualified, caring and motivating trainer!"

Tampa, FL


Zeno Sanchez

"Michele Sodon is a remarkable personal trainer who guided me into a lifestyle centered on a strong exercise ethic.  As a Professor of Neurology, I am aware of the growing scientific literature demonstrating the remarkable effects of a routine of exercise."

Tampa, FL


Donna Bakalor

"Michele is a great motivator and will help you take your fitness to the next level!"

Evergreen, CO

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