Private Sessions

With Michele Sodon

Perhaps you require "hands-on" sport-specific training, technical assessments and updated progressions.  

Or, maybe it's the individualized focus and motivation to help you achieve your specific goals.

There are dozens of reasons why people -- from athletes to homemakers -- request private, one-on-one sessions with me.

Their personal journeys

Read about Anita:  She enjoyed fitness classes and had been involved in them for years.  She was curious what a more disciplined weight lifting regimen would do for her...  [ more...]

Jeff had a goal:  But, he'd never really dialed-in a specific nutrition plan along with custom designed weight training regimen.  What happened was amazing...[ more ]

Christina wanted "real" results: She sought something that would work for her .... something that would create real results.  After Googling trainers...  [ more...]

More than you think...

Personal, private training is just that: personal and private.  That means the total focus is on you, your goals and your lifestyle.

But, when you train with me, it's actually more than that.

Way more!

Look in their eyes...

If you read their testimonials and look in the eyes of my clients, you'll sense an air of confidence, awareness and positive self-esteem.

Becoming more lean and muscular is just the physical attribute of something much bigger and more profound.

The holistic process of proper nutrition, productive exercise and positive mindset will affect your entire being... emotionally, mentally and physically.

Let's Get Started..!


It will be beneficial to both of us if, before we talk, you complete a brief "discovery form" that provides some insight about you.

1st Workout!

Prep time!  This will become habit. But, for now, just download this checklist.  It will totally prepare you for our first workout together.

Start Today!

Upon completion of our discovery call together, sessions are pre-purchased via my online store.   Let's get started!

What clients say...


Kim Rozman

"Working with Michele has not only transformed my body, but also the way that I feel about myself.  I am working on viewing my body in a more positive way and my killer workouts have really helped me achieve this goal! I have never worked out harder and loved it more than I do now."

Evergreen, CO


Lezlee Pardo

"Not only have I had the blessed opportunity to be inspired and motivated by her, but I've also watched the impact she has on others.  She cares, knows her stuff and is passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals.  Her experience in so many different areas allows her to customize an approach that can work for anyone who really wants it!"

Evergreen, CO


David Booth

"There is nothing repetitive or boring in Michele's workouts. In 2 years I have never seen 2 sessions exactly alike. I recommend any of her workouts to someone looking to be pushed beyond their "comfortable" routine."

Evergreen, CO


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