Fit Photage™

12-Week Program - Photo Shoot

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Ultimate 12-Week Body-Morphing Program

With a professional photography session to celebrate your achievements.

This is IT!  Fit Photage™ is the premier, state-of-the art, 12-week body-morphing program that culminates with a professional photo shoot.

It's more than a simple "program."  

Fit Photage is a life-changing journey and personal experience you'll remember for the rest of your life.  And, you'll have professional photos to keep the experience "alive" and  "top-of-mind" forever!

I'll be with you every inch of the way as you progress.

The Fit Photage™ Program is a crystal clear road map toward your own individual health and lifestyle goals.  

The Fit Photage™ Program - FAQ

What exactly is Fit Photage?

  • Fit Photage is a structured 12-Week exercise and nutrition program that culminates with a professional photo shoot.  It is available in 3 different configurations: IGNITE, XTreme, and PASSAGE.

What's the difference between the programs?

  • IGNITE incorporates a moderate exercise protocol 
  • XTreme is for more advanced fitness enthusiasts   
  • PASSAGE is a program for menopausal women

Where are the photo shoot locations?

  • DENVER:  If you are in the Denver area, our photographers secure a local location. 
  • REMOTE:  If you're working with us from a remote location, we will identify, secure and communicate closely with a professional photographer in your local area.  He or she will be provided with a shot list and guidance for preferred poses to bring out your best features and highlights.
  • DESTINATION: With this turnkey package, our photoshoot and retreat could be anywhere in the world!  View past DESTINATION photoshoots on the GALLERY page. 

What is the Fit Photage DESTINATION Package?

  • DESTINATION is a complete turnkey package for the ultimate personal experience.  Upon completion of any Fit Photage program,  IGNITE, XTreme or PASSAGE we travel together as a group to a remote location such as Las Vegas, Cabo San Lucas, etc. for a mini-retreat and our professional photo shoot.

Is this a weight-loss program?

  • NO.  While participants might lose some weight, the program is laser-focused on body-composition (lean tissue vs. body-fat) resulting from increased metabolism gained through specific exercise protocol and individualized nutrition.   The Fit Photage program will help create a leaner, stronger, more energetic and healthier YOU.  

What kind of exercises will I be doing?

  • IGNITE focuses on laying the foundation for increased metabolism. It introduces a periodized weight lifting regimen with very specific cardio sessions.
  • XTreme continues with more traditional weight-lifting to further increase metabolism and to create an even greater chiseled physique.
  • PASSAGE is my new proprietary program which includes resistance training as well as a heavy emphasis on nutrition and menu planning.

How many days a week do I need to workout?

  • That's up to you.  All programs are completely laid out with instructions on exactly what to do each day.  This allows for flexibility of your time and condition.

What about sessions with you?

  • Whether you workout with me at my studio or remotely, there are three options for guided workout sessions me:   
  • DENVER AREA - MICHELE SODON STUDIO: 1, 2 or 3 sessions per week.
  • REMOTE - SKYPE/ZOOM:  1 session every 2-Weeks, 1 session every week or unlimited contact at agreed upon times.

What is the Nutrition Plan like?

  • You will receive a binder filled with "clean eating" breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner options and a food journal.  Each meal includes a protein, carbohydrate and fat source, making the meals complete in their macro nutrients. 

The Fit Photage™ Photo Shoot

Your customized, professional photo shoot is the perfect way complete your amazing 12-week journey.

You'll quickly be at ease as our professional photographers and support staff create a comfortable and super fun environment.  It feels like "family."

I will personally ensure your experience is comfortable and FUN.

After all, this is a celebration of YOUR success!  So, it's a party of sorts -- and a great reward for all those days of hard work and discipline.

The photo shoot literally documents your journey and achievements.

Photo shoots can vary in style but are primarily fitness related.  Your photographer will help you with posing and will do everything in his power to highlight your best features and downplay any troublesome areas.  All you need to do is show up with an attitude of excitement!

You will want to strongly consider using the Hair and Make Up artist listed on the "Preferred Affiliates" page of this website.  Her expertise will make your pictures look the best, especially due to the lighting and reflectors that have to be used during your shoot.


All Fit Photage™ Programs

Program Details and Materials

Each Fit Photage™ program includes several value added services and materials, including:

Specific Program Packet:

  • Every 3-4 weeks you'll be provided with a specific program packet. Included in each packet will be a series of specific exercise and nutrition plans for each day of each week.  Your exercise focus and nutrition menu plans will change every 3-4 weeks. 

Weekly Exercise Regimen:

  • You will receive sheets with your exercise and nutrition details for the days you are working out on your own.

Nutrition Plan:

  • You will be provided with a binder filled with "clean eating" breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner options.  Each meal includes a protein, carbohydrate and fat source, making the meals complete in their macro nutrients. 

Daily Journal:

  • My signature tracking journal will allow you to track your daily activities including all meals, snacks, exercise, schedules, measurements, recovery, etc.

Body Metrics & Weekly Weigh-in:

  • Multi-point tape measurements, calipers and scale weight are used to gauge and evaluate body-composition (lean tissue vs. body-fat).  Upon assessment, minor adjustments can be made to your personalized exercise and nutrition plans.

Progress Photos:

  • Every 3-4 weeks progress photos will be taken.  This helps in tracking progress as well as getting used to the camera.

Payment Details

If you have any questions regarding payment or program details, please feel free to contact me directly.

Payment Plan Options:

  • Payments can be made online or in-person.  Options include "Paid-in-Full" or in monthly installments after a $250 non-refundable deposit. To make an online payment, Click here...

Family Discount:

  • Buy One -  Get One for 1/2 Price when you register and train during the same time slot with your spouse or a family member living within your household.

Repeat Programs:

  • If you decide to REPEAT any Fit Photage program (same or up-level), you'll automatically receive 10% off the total Fit Photage program price.

Extension Programs:

  • If you desire more than 12 weeks both IGNITE and XT programs can be extended with minor revisions to level-up to your current conditioning.


Are you just getting started?    IGNITE is for first time participants. It will lay down the foundation for your fitness journey.


You're experienced.  You've completed IGNITE or are at an advanced fitness level. Now, you want to take it to the next level.


Specifically designed for menopausal women struggling to get through this "passage" of life.


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